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Private Gym & Personal Training Services/ Custom Web Design & Development / Built Using WordPress

A sleek, modern and vibrant website for an exclusive fitness studio, with a focus on simplicity and clarity. Highlighting their premium services, transparent pricing, and expert team while providing effortless contact options for visitors seeking more information.

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Team Zeus, a private gym, and personal training facility located in Northern Ireland.

They faced significant challenges with their digital presence.

Their existing website was not only outdated but also broken and simplistic, failing to deliver any significant results.

In an effort to enhance their online presence, Sweaty Zeus contacted us and together we created a stunning, modernised, and functional website.

SweatyZeus Membership KGStudio Case study web design plymouth
SweatyZeus Case Study KGStudio Web Design Plymouth scaled

Sweaty zeus

Project Goals:

  • Revitalise Brand Identity: Develop a visually appealing website that amplifies the current Sweaty Zeus brand identity.
  • Enhance User Experience: Create a user-friendly and engaging website to captivate visitors and stimulate conversions.
  • Boost Conversions: Increase conversion rates by at least 20% within the first 12 months of the website’s launch.
  • Drive Profit Growth: Achieve an overall profit increase of 17% for Sweaty Zeus within the first year of the website’s launch.
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SweatyZeus Membership KGStudio Case study web design plymouth

About the project.

Conversion Increase: Conversion rates soared by an impressive 31%, signaling a substantial rise in leads and memberships.

Profit Growth: Sweaty Zeus experienced a remarkable 17% increase in profit, driven primarily by the surge in conversions.

Positive User Feedback: Sweaty Zeus received overwhelmingly positive feedback from both existing and new customers, citing the website’s ease of use and appealing design as key factors in their decision to engage with the gym.

Enhanced Brand Image: The modernized website contributed to an improved brand image, positioning Sweaty Zeus as a contemporary and professional fitness facility.

Our Approach

Research and Analysis

We Conducted an in-depth analysis of the existing website to identify pain points and areas for improvement.

We then researched competitors and industry trends to gain insights into effective design and user experience strategies.

Modernised Design

We collaborated with Team Zeus to establish a vibrant and appealing visual design that aligned with their brand.

We employed responsive design principles to ensure the website performed seamlessly on various devices and screen sizes.

User-Centric Functionality

We completely overhauled the website’s navigation and user interface, simplifying the user journey and making it more intuitive.

We decided to integrate interactive elements to keep users informed about Sweaty Zeus’s offerings. 

Content Optimisation

We crafted compelling and informative content to showcase Sweaty Zeus’s services, trainers, and success stories.

Naturally implemented SEO best practices to improve the website’s search engine ranking and visibility.

Conversion Optimisation

Employed A/B testing to fine-tune call-to-action (CTA) buttons, forms, and landing pages to maximise conversion rates.

We also Implemented an easy to use chatbot for increased engagement.

Performance Optimisation

We optimised the website’s loading speed and overall performance, ensuring that it met current web standards and provided an exceptional user experience.

Thank you for your interest in our project.

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