Is web design easy? + 3 Basic Tips to get started

As a professional web designer myself, I would honestly love to tell you that it’s a difficult profession that takes many years of study and practice. But I can’t bring myself to lie to you. If I had to sum it up for you I would say it’s easy to learn but difficult to master. As with pretty much anything you’re trying to learn. The more time, passion and love you put into it the better you’ll become at it.

In 2021, you don’t even necessarily need to learn how to code to be a web designer. With platforms like WordPress and plugins like Elementor, it takes away any real difficulty of actually building the website. However, having good foundational knowledge of design will 100% improve your ability to build beautiful looking websites.

You also have to understand the practical side of building a website too. It doesn’t matter if you can build a stunning looking website that doesn’t provide your clients results. Always remember this! A website is built for a specific purpose, whether that be to provide sales via an eCommerce store or clients via a service-based website. Take into consideration who or what you’re building the website for.

Okay so with that in mind here are 3 tips that s1ould help you in your early stages of web design.

Tip 1.) Pick a Niche –  Making web design easy!

Since there are a million and one types of websites too it’s extremely difficult to master. Therefore niching down can make your whole life a lot easier. So for example KGStudio primarily focuses on the fitness industry as it’s something that I’m personally interested in and by simply choosing my niche and honing in on it. I have learnt how to build beautiful and effective websites that bring my clients results.

Each niche has unique looking websites so before you even start designing a website, think about what you’re personally interested in. Then search the web to see what those particular websites look like just to help you create an idea of what to build.

Tip 2.) Get the Right Tools – Make web building easy!

Wix, Squarespace, Godaddy – discard these web builders from your mind now. Sure, they can build you a decent looking website. But you’re not looking to get into web design to build just ‘decent’ sites are you. If that’s the case, please remove yourself from this blog and start your journey elsewhere.

What you’re going to need are quality tools that don’t take a hundred years to learn. If you’ve read any of my blog posts before I’m sure you know I’m a huge fan of Elementor, it’s a great easy to use WordPress plugin that allows you to build great looking sites with relative ease and it’s Free to use. Naturally, there is a pro-version (that’s what I use) but if you’re just starting out it’s probably a good idea to practise using the free version.

If you’re going to use WordPress to develop your sites you need to make sure that you are using quality hosting too. Visitors will click on your site in less than 8 seconds (doesn’t sound like long but it is) if it doesn’t load. Be cautious of this moving forward.

Tip 3.) Read books on Design and business – Stay on top.

Okay, so I’ll start this one off by just saying a lot of web design books are outdated since web design pretty much advanced from year to year but some of the core teachings still apply. Whilst this is the case it’s still essential to remember that if you’re getting into the web design world to freelance or start your own agency like KGStudio. You’re getting into the world of business and that’s a far more complex endeavour. Most people stop reading books after university and that’s where they go wrong. Keep educating yourself no matter what it is you’re looking to achieve.

Always Stay Hungry:

The world of web design is an incredible one, I love the profession I have chosen and would love to see you enter the world of it but much like every other profession in the world comfort is a killer. Stay hungry and keep looking to improve! There is no such thing as a perfect web designer but you can be an incredibly good one. I wish you the best of luck in your journey going forward. If you’re just starting out and are looking for more tips click here.

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Kieren Shepherd

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Kieren Shepherd

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