How web design goes to hell? 5 mistakes to avoid!

The internet is filled with millions of websites and thousands of web designers. As I’m sure you know not all websites are perfect and some are far from it. Here are 5 examples of when web design goes straight to hell and how you can personally avoid it.


1 – No Mobile Optimisation 

84% of adults in the UK own a smartphone. That statistic rises to 99% when looking at 16-24-year-olds. In 2021 there is no excuse for your website not to be optimised for mobile. More than 50% of the worlds internet traffic comes from mobile devices. So if you’re site looks and operates horribly on mobile phones and tablets you are most certainly going to lose business.. It doesn’t matter what niche you are in whether you’re an online store or service provider. Your site needs to look great and function well on mobile phones otherwise you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

Thankfully, optimising your site for mobile and tablet devices isn’t too difficult and in 2021 it might be easier than ever. As we’ve spoken about before, KGStudio likes to use WordPress for many reasons (that we won’t go into here). Whilst we build everything from scratch using Elementor Pro, others might find using a responsive theme is the easier option especially for non-techies. There are hundreds, if not thousands of WordPress themes to choose from so a few Google searches and you should be good to go. If you’re using a web builder like Elementor Pro there is an option to edit the Desktop, Tablet and Mobile version of each page making sure that your site works across all platforms. 


2 – Cluttered Navigation.

This is an issue that is seen constantly when browsing and searching for web design clients. Poor navigation is a deal-breaker. Many of the visitors who land on your website want to access the information they’re looking for quickly and easily. Cluttered navigation just slows that entire process and will make visitors flee from the site fast. Cluttered navigation isn’t just having a million options in the bar either, it can over-designing the navigation area so that it isn’t functional or even worse, it slows down the speed of your website. 

If there’s one thing you take away from this article it should be this, functionality over design! Sure, we want websites to look great but what’s the point if they function horribly. Think of it as a video game. Sure great graphics are a plus but what’s the point if the game plays horribly. The same can be said for web design. 

Keep your navigation clean and simple. You’ll find that visitors are more likely to browse for your site and that’s exactly what you want.

3 – Your site doesn’t have a clear message!

As soon as someone lands on your website it should showcase exactly who you are and what you provide. This area is referred to as “above the fold” or your websites hero section. Here you should find: 

  • Your Brands Logo
  • A clear indicator of what it is your business offers
  • Simple Navigation (remember what we said previously)


If your site doesn’t clearly show these things you’ll find that your bounce rate (people clicking away from your site) will be much higher. This naturally affects the rate at which you convert potential clients/customers. 

If it isn’t obvious, it isn’t good enough. You have a split second to convince someone to stay on your page and if your site doesn’t show clearly what your brand is about, you’ll lose out to a website that does.

4 – A busy page with element overload.

Much like having a clear message, your site should have a clear and easy to use layout. If there are too many elements on your page it becomes too cluttered and typically hard to navigate. Which once again will cause visitors to leave. Remember your website is like your business card and first impressions are essential. If you overload your site with information, images, videos and whatever else. All you’re going to achieve is confusion and frustration. Neither feeling will provide you with the result you’re trying to achieve for your businesses website.


5 – Unreadable text and broken links.

This can directly be related to mobile optimisation as we spoke about earlier. Such as text being too big on mobile and fine on desktop. Sometimes if you’ve not optimised your site for mobile, elements can overlap and look awful. That’s not always the case though, some colours don’t blend well together or certain fonts can be unreadable or just not fit the message you’re trying to convey. 

Broken links are one of the most frustrating elements to come across. At least for me personally. I hate when I’m browsing a website and the links don’t work. How are you going to convince visitors to take action on your site if they can’t view the information they want. This also goes for social media links too. If you don’t have social media (you’re missing out, but that’s another topic) don’t add icons and leave them with broken links. It makes your site look unprofessional and once again in a world with millions of websites you don’t need a single reason for someone to look elsewhere.

Strive for better web design!

There you have it! Our 5 ways web design goes straight to hell. Most of these nightmare issues are easy to avoid and as long as you are vigilant when building your site you should be okay for the most part. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consult professional help. KGStudio offers experienced UI & UX designers that know how to build a website that converts. Good web design is essential to your businesses success.


If you want to 100% guarantee your website has none of the issues above. Consider working with professionals.

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