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We’ve had the pleasure of working with a small business that is both local to us and has been essential to various businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak. The company is of course none other than ASCS. All Seasons Cleaning Solutions came to us with an outdated site that wasn’t bringing them many clients. They wanted us to revamp the entire site ensuring that it would look modern as well as prompt potential clients into contacting them.

ASCS didn’t have any examples of the type of site they wanted nor any ideas for a new site. This made it a little more difficult as there was no creative starting point however we went away and designed them a demo site. The demo site included new brand colours, fonts and a fresh look that makes sense when looking at the niche of the business. We decided on the colours by prototyping various palettes, the idea was to mix professional business branding with a clean and fresh look that fits the niche of their industry. Next was to pair the correct fonts, we went with a few pairings just to offer ASCS some options and after some further discussions, they decided they wanted the entire site in Arial. 

Again since there was no creative input from ASCS we had to find images that suit the business and the target audience they are appealing to. In this case offices, construction sites and other small businesses. So to populate the site we used various stock images from different websites as well as some custom pictures from one of our partner businesses. This perfectly set the tone for the site. 

In terms of design, we had ASCS’s main goal in mind. To get more leads! That’s why when you browse the site you will notice various CTA (Call to action) points. We didn’t want it to feel like it was being spammed across the site, so we placed them at vital points of the site. The first major point being the home screen. A potential client can fill in everything they need to without having to ever touch the contact us page. This made sense to us to not only gain more leads but to help decrease the sites bounce rate so it would rank higher on Google. This brings me to our next point. 

SEO, ASCS were naturally keen on being ranked on Google and other search engines but predominantly Google (which is understandable and common amongst our clients). We discussed their budget, our strategy for helping them rank and the time frame we could accomplish it in. We agreed and then we set our strategy in place. Since ASCS also purchased the copywriting service we offer at KGStudio, we knew that we could place keywords amongst the text that would help place them on the first page of google. Along with this, we made sure to tweak images to help rank both locally and nationally for ASCS using geotagging and various other techniques. 

So what was the project outcome? Well, we are incredibly happy and proud to say that ASCS are now top of Google when searching for them directly and they are on the first page of Google when looking for cleaning services in Plymouth and Exeter. ASCS has reported a 64% increase in leads from the website and a conversion rate of 22%. Since then ASCS have decided to use KGStudio for their other sites as well as using our Hosting and social media management services.  We also take care of all ASCS emails and once again since they’re a local company we were happy to help set-up the emails in their office.

Looking for a website? Contact KGStudio today and see how we can help you. We offer more services than web design. So if you have a site already but you’re looking to boost it or improve it in any way. We can help!

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