About Us

Born in London and growing in Plymouth. We are incredibly proud and honoured to share our story with you. Find out about KGStudio below.

Big City Dreams

KGStudio was founded in London, the summer of 2015 with a grand vision in mind. To help small to medium-sized business stand out and find success online with a beautifully designed website. Sounds easy enough, right? Well not quite. Having acquired years of training in IT and gathering technical knowledge in design was a great start but only a small essence of what building a successful business truly is. That was a lesson we had to learn the hard way. But with dedication, hours of work and a whole lot of luck, that grand vision started to fall in place.

A Beautiful Reality

It’s been 6 years since I (Kieren Gunner Shepherd hence KGStudio) started on this journey in London. Along the way, I’ve met plenty of like-minded people. I’ve had the pleasure of working with so many different types of businesses. I’ve had the absolute honour of not only working with but watching those businesses succeed because of the site we built together. It’s been a blast and I don’t know where I would be without this business. After plenty of discussion with the KGStudio team, we decided it was time to leave London and bring our talent to somewhere else. We landed on Plymouth! This bright and beautiful city has given us such a warm welcome and now we can’t wait to shape the digital landscape in this city, one business at a time.

International Reach

Settling in Plymouth seems to have already been a great decision. Since moving here in 2020, we have landed a large number of local and international clients in vastly different business’s and that only fuels us to keep expanding and working hard to truly keep our vision going. We hope that we can add you to the list of successful clients that we have worked with. Below you will meet the founding members of KGStudio, just know that when you decide to work with us. You will be in great hands.

Fahima Moshahid

Lead Social Media Manager

I met Kieren at university and we’ve been friends ever since. I used to manage a few fortune 500 companies social media accounts but the hours started getting hectic and the pay wasn’t great plus many other factors. Then entered my old friend who offered me the perfect position, salary & opportunities. I feel respected at KGStudio. I feel like an integral part of the family we’ve built here. I love my job and hope I get to take special care of your social media platforms.

Mark Shepherd

Lead Programmer

I’ve known Kieren my entire life, we are brothers after all. He’s always been a leader & has cared deeply about every project he has ever taken on. That really does show in our work here. I originally wanted to be a carpenter but after Kieren sat me down, gave me the big brother speech and then offered me an opportunity to work closely with him. I was not going to say no. I have never once looked back since and I’m incredibly happy and grateful for the journey he’s helped me through.

Jude Prosper

Lead Graphic designer

I’ve worked with Kieren and the rest of the KGStudio team for about 3 years now. I can honestly say it’s the best job I’ve ever had and easily the best company I’ve worked for. It feels like a really tight knit family and that love really shows in our work. I work on most of the adobe library (photoshop, premier pro, etc.) to make your site look great to all of its visitors. So let’s get you started on your website journey so I can create you some awesome designs.