5 Vital signs your website seriously needs updating

One could argue that there’s a lot more than 5 vital signs telling you that your site needs to be updated. But I could be here all day discussing that and nobody wants that (right?). Anyway below are the most common signs that your site desperately needs to be updated.

Vital Sign 1 – Slow Load Times

Now some could argue that this is down to the hosting of the site and I would agree. Having a quality hosting service is the strong foundation that the site should be built on. However site speed is down to a lot more than just server speed. How well optimized is the website in question? Are the images, video’s and animation optimized and at a size that won’t affect the load speed.

Now the importance of a fast website can’t be stated enough because it affects far more than just load time. It can actually affect you SEO performance making it harder for you to rank on Google and other search engines. Your more likely to lose your potential audience (you have roughly 8 seconds before they’re gone), customers consider it poor service and won’t visit your site again.

Lastly, your site has a higher chance of crashing which could also get you blacklisted from Google. Meaning that no matter how hard someone looked for your site it won’t show. Luckily enough with our hosting services as well as our design process, this won’t happen to you. We design every website with speed in mind.

Vital Sign 2 – Poor Navigation

I put this on the list because this is a problem I’ve discussed with other web developers and we’re in agreement that poor navigation is just the worst. Having a menu that is cluttered with options, horribly incorporated scroll features, overall just terrible design. Navigation needs to be designed correctly so it translates well on every device, not just desktop computers.

Having cluttered navigation makes it overwhelming for a user to make a decision and instead of inviting them to explore the website and services you offer, they just leave in hopes of finding a site that is better designed and will help ease them through the sections of the website.

Vital Sign 3 – Broken web elements / missing images etc

I’m sure we’ve all been on at least one website where there’s clearly supposed to be images representing something but instead you just see an awful block design that just doesn’t make sense. This is honestly just poor design and will make your site and by extension you look unprofessional. This extends to more than just images of course, broken social media links or page links is also a key sign that whoever developed the website did a bad job.

Vital Sign 4 – Cluttered information and Poor copy

Copy goes hand in hand with good design. The two can’t exist without each other and that’s why it’s frustrating when you see a nicely designed website just cluttered with poor copy. The expression show, don’t tell. Has been a major inspiration in the way I and many other view web design and for good reason. You’ve already got somebody who’s looking for your service on your site. There is no need to throw them off by having a website filled with pages of poorly written content.

It again just makes your website and by extension, your business looks unprofessional. Good web design is about gently swaying the visitor to take action whether that be to book a class, buy a product or for them to sign up for your course. Having pages of bad content won’t help with that.

Vital Sign 5 – Clear use of a theme (inc. Squarespace, Wix & Godaddy)

It’s easy for an actual web developer to make negative comments of simple theme builders like Squarespace and such for many different reasons but in all honesty, even on my chosen platform WordPress, the same applies. If you’re using clunky, hideous and outdated themes that more often than not are free it’s going to impact how users view your business. They are just a lazy and inexperienced excuse for a website that will 100% hold you back as you attempt to grow the online side of your business.

Moving Forward

These are just a handful of essential items to look out for on your site. If you have just one of these issues with your site its time to start looking for a professional web design and development team like KGStudio to come in and clean up the mess whilst developing a site with both your goal and business’s brand in mind.

Contact us today to book a FREE consultation where we will walk you through our easy to understand process. If you’re looking to learn more about web design or just on the search for useful tips check out the rest of our posts here.

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Kieren Shepherd

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