How we can get you more Students Merch Sales Sign-Ups with a winning site.

How we can get you more students with a winning site.

A beautiful & high converting website that will drive new students to the mats

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We don’t expect you to be a tech wizard or know anything about web design. That’s why before our discussion we’ll send you a simple brief, just so you know the topics we’ll be going through together.

Our consultation process is seamless, we know that your key goal is most likely to gain more students for your gym but we’re also interested in your secondary objective! Whether that might be to sell your gyms merch or to put butts in seats at local events.

What Our Clients Have to Say


The questions we get asked most.

Well that depends on what you consider expensive and how much value you hold on your gyms website. We offer our services to clients with various budgets.

Consider how much you might spend on other non-digital channels such as local newspaper ads, printing and delivering leaflets to people, maybe even a radio ad. These services do not come cheap and they have serious major disadvantages when comparing them to a website. They don’t allow you to target a specific demographic, see how many people are viewing your ads and much more. Having a website gives you the opportunity to know your audience which gives you the chance to turn those clicks into paying students.

Our sites don’t cost a fortune but depending on what exactly you’re looking to achieve with your website the price will increase. Each website is unique and the price will reflect that. If you have a budget in mind please let us know during our consultation and we can tell you exactly what we can offer you for that price. You can’t afford not to have a website.

Yes, Yes and Yes. We can’t give you enough reasons why you need a website. So we’ll give you 5 reasons why instead:

  • Credibility and reputation – Without a website your gym risks looking like a tiny operation that won’t be able to offer a great service. Potential students are becoming increasing tech-savvy and before trying out a class, the first place they look to find gym is online. If you don’t have your own website but your competitors do, potential students will start to wonder why.
  • Facebook alone doesn’t cut it – It takes minutes to set-up a Facebook or Twitter account, and anyone can make one. If your only online presence is a free-to-use social media account, potential students might become suspicious of your trustworthiness as a business. Plus with over 1.59 billion users on platforms like Facebook, competition for likes and clicks is fierce. Pair that with the regularly changing algorithms and this can seriously affect the reach of your posts. It’s dangerous to see social media profiles as a good substitute for a professional website.
  • Grab the opportunity showcase your gym – Like most gyms, your students will likely come from your local area. It can be difficult to differentiate yourself from the local competition. Often the only information consumers can base their decision on is the price of classes but it can be hard to know the quality of these classes will be. A great solution to this very problem is to have a website that will showcase your work.
  • Unless you’re online, students won’t find you – When was the last time you trudged through a phone book to find a local service? Those days are long gone. Instead, the smartphone has taken over. 70% of adults in the UK own a smartphone and that figure rises to 90% when you focus on 16-24 year-olds. Young people turn to their phone first , thinking digitally is essential for your gym to flourish in the long run. You’ll need a website to compete with other local gyms that are likely already targeting students through the web. 
  • Build trust and create a loyal customer base – Reputation is incredibly important when you are a small business like an MMA gym. Many gyms rely on word-of-mouth recommendations. However, the importance of your students recommending you to their friends and family are being challenged. Before committing to a class most people are now in the habit of reading online reviews. They want to know what they’re investing their time and money into. Over 77% of people have checked online reviews before attending a class at least once. So what does that mean for your local business? This trend makes it clear that you need a website of your own so you can control your own online reputation.

A fair question. In all honesty though how hands on you want to be is down to you. Web design is what our business so we can take care of all aspects of it, however having your input during essential stages will help us provide you with a website that truly encompasses everything your gym is about.

Plus we’re not incredibly demanding. A few emails and maybe a couple of phone calls over a two to three week period isn’t a crazy amount of time for a website that should be with your business for at least half a decade. 

Of course, we’ll create a perfectly customised CMS (backend) of the site so that you can make adjustments to the front end. Whether you have events you want to share, offer new classes or decided to sell merchandise. You will have the opportunity to add, remove or change these things.

Plus, if you ever needed any big adjustments depending on if you have a hosting & maintenance package with us you get developer time too.

Yes. We offer various services that will benefit your website and overall online presence. We offer Hosting & Maintenance which comes highly recommended as it guarantees your website speed, uptime and various other factors will be high quality. As well as that we offer Social Media Management where we will take care of your desired social platform to help you grow and get more people interested in both you and your gym. If you’re interested in viewing all of our services please click HERE

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150 + Reviews

“Once KGStudio finished building our website, we saw immediate results. We saw exactly how many people were viewing our site, how many of those who signed up for a free class and we even saw an increase in purchases for our gyms personal merchandise. I can’t recommend the KGStudio team enough” – Fabio Rinaldi

Out of the 200+ MMA Gyms in the UK, less than 20% are bringing in the amount of students they need to have in order to walk away with a comfortable profit.

Whilst it’s easier than ever to have a website today, that doesn’t mean it’s being utilised in the best way. Websites that are slow, clunky, poorly designed both visually as well as technically and cluttered with irrelevant information are not going to bring students to the mats like your website should be doing.

That’s why I started KGStudio – to give MMA gyms the recognition they deserve, the sport itself has evolved since its humble beginnings so why shouldn’t those who teach Mixed Martial Arts. Design is what I do best and MMA is what I love most. So by combining the two I have found a winning formula that brings gyms like yours more students via a website that is ensured to impress. 

In the last two years I have worked with various MMA gyms across the country and internationally to increase conversion rates from 5% (on average) to at least 30% (Minimum) guaranteeing that you’ll be able to fill the classes that you’re offering and make the hard earned money that you deserve for the art you teach. I’d love to speak with you more on how we can do the same for you.

Kieren Shepherd

SEO & Founder of KGStudio

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